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Prawn Jumbo

Prawns Jumbo


Soft and Succulent, Individually Quick Frozen, 99% fat free. Rich in Omega-3


IFB prawns can be boiled, grilled, salted, baked or deep-fried
Avoid overcooking to retain their juicy texture and natural flavour


Prawns, Water (to avoid dehydration)


  1. Defrost Prawns in the chiller compartment of refrigerator until soft. For quicker defrosting, place prawns under running cold water
  2. Once defrosted, prawns are ready to cook
  3. Defrosting ensures even cooking
Nutritional Facts
Total Fat <1 g
Saturated Fat 100 mg
Cholesterol 120 mg
Total Carbohydrate 1 g
Protein 20 g
Sodium 500 mg
Omega0-3 Fatty Acids 308 mg
Astaxanthin 4 mg
Energy Value 90 calories

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