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Breaded Fish Fillets

Net Wt: 200gm, 4 pieces, Ready to Fry


Fish Fillets, Bread Crumb, Batter, Egg, Seasoning, Salt


  1. Heat Oil
  2. Immerse Frozen Breaded Fish Fillets in oil
  3. Reduce Flame and deep fry till golden brown
  4. Drain Excess Oil
  5. Serve hot with your favorite sauce


Although care has been taken to remove all bones, some may remain, though rarely

Nutritional Facts
Values per 100 g serving
Protein 15.60%
Fat 8.90%
Carbohydrate 20.90%
Saturated Fat 1.70%
Energy Value 218 K Cal
MRP: Rs. 100 (200g)/Rs. 225 (500g)Quantityadd to cart
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